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Welcome to the Toledo Spanish School. We offer useful resources to help you in speaking and teaching Spanish.

With our convenient online Spanish program, it’s now easier than ever to learn Spanish. And in places as culturally diverse as Toledo, Ohio, and its surrounding suburbs of Ottawa Lake, Blissfield, Lasalle, Perrysburg, Brailey and Swanton, it’s very important, too.

The Hispanic population is the fastest growing in the United States, and Toledo is no exception. There are many things in the city that really celebrate the Hispanic culture and lifestyle.

Employers are beginning to realize the importance of having bilingual employees working for them, and are always looking for candidates whose resumes reflect that skill. Not only can knowing Spanish get you a job, it can help you advance in your current career.

Would you like to make more money? Become more involved in your city? Then contact us. Tell us your goals, and let’s meet them together!


Spanish Test - Beginner Level

Try this free online Spanish test with instant scoring:

Questions in English, Answers in Spanish

1. How do I say face in Spanish?
2. What color are oranges?

Questions in Spanish, Answers in Spanish

3. Hoy es el primer dia del verano. Hace ____________.